If you’re reading this, then you have (advertently or otherwise) stumbled across the new CenterPointe website. Welcome! This article should serve as a primer for where to find things on the new site.


The Basics

The main menu at the top is the gateway to nearly everything on the site.

Who We Are: A brief description of who we are and what you'll find during a visit to CenterPointe.

When You Visit: All of the basic information about where we meet on Sundays and throughout the week. The gist: Everybody is welcome!

Talk and Listen: We're really into story-telling. You’ll see that before and during and after our meetings, and you’ll see that here on this page. Everyone has a story to share and everyone’s story is unique.

Church Life: This is a space for sharing information about upcoming church events, gatherings, outreach opportunities and prayer needs.

Media: This is a space for audio/video from Sunday messages and church events.

Links (bottom of each page)


Get added to the mailing list: Click this link, fill out a simple form and you can get added to our weekly church email that gives a quick summary of the upcoming week and prayer requests and updates that we’re shared the previous week. By the way, we’re vehemently against spam.

Kroger Community Rewards: I don’t know if you knew this, but every time you buy something at Kroger, you can also be giving money (at no added expense to you) to non-profits and charities. If you have a Kroger card, follow this link and search for “Center Point” or type in the number 81718and it should come up.

Website help: Come visit and you'll quickly find that none of us are perfect. It's a community of typos (as evidenced above), less than stellar slideshow clip-art, 70's bathroom signage and stage lighting that occasionally goes Disco Fever during communion. You'll find a continuation of that on this site, but this link is here so I can at least make the experience a little bit better. You can't find something, you want something included, you want something removed, you just need to vent, send me a message.

Request Pastor Visit: If you're going through a life crisis or just need to talk with a pastor, you can let us know on this page.

Send prayer request: If you have a prayer request for the church and pastors to pray for, use this page to send an email to the church office. Please indicate if you would like it be included in the weekly bulletin.

Address & Phone: In the middle at the bottom, you’ll find a lot of basic contact information. If you need to get in touch via email, phone, snail mail, carrier pigeon, Pony Express, smoke signal, all of that is fair game.

That's all, folks.

Or at least that’s all that I want to write for now as my hand is cramping. Oh, wait, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And keep in touch.

Peace and love,

About Talk & Listen

Talk & Listen is a space for sharing stories, insight, poetry and every form that could express the love of Christ. It will feature a rotating cast of church writers.

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