Thank you for your interest in our CenterPointe Church family! Whether you found us on your search or someone recommended you to come to our site, we’re glad you did.

My name is Jeff Broadnax and I am part of this imperfect group of men, women and children who have found a place where we can learn about, grow in relationship with and find our true life purpose. I happen to be the Pastor but trust me when I say I’m on the journey too.

Allow me to invite you to join us for worship on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m (click here to find out what you can expect). I’ve been in Pastoral Ministry for 28 years now and I tell you the truth when I say that I STILL find practical ways to apply the teachings of Jesus in my real life decisions and I don’t have to stretch and bend Bible verses into a pretzel to do it. I simply try to present Christ-centered messages that I hope will help see your life “story” through the eyes of the author of it – God.

You see I don’t believe God is hiding his heart, mind or actions from us. I also don’t believe we need to jump through hoops to experience His love and grace. I believe He wants to rock our worlds (for the good) and transform us in a way that helps us understand and live out our “why”.

Like I said, there are no perfect people at CenterPointe. Only imperfect people finding their place in the story of a perfect God who loves them unconditionally. Once we find that place, we won’t just be loved by Him, we will live loved and share it with other people.

Please introduce yourself when you visit. I can’t wait to hear if your first impression matches our desire for your first interaction.

About Talk & Listen

Talk & Listen is a space for sharing stories, insight, poetry and every form that could express the love of Christ. It will feature a rotating cast of church writers.

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